T2-weighted image


DSURQE Whole Brain Atlas


T2*-weighted image



Anatomical Pipelines

INC Anatomical Pipeline

The INC standard anatomical processing pipeline, includes: reorientation, affine alignment to common space, brain extraction, denoising, intensity bias correction, intensity scaling, and normalization to standard space(s).  Brain extraction includes a mix of automated methods including RATS-MM, BET, and 3dSkullStrip to find the best solution but often requires manual intervention as well which may increase the processing time and expense.

Anatomical Labeling

DSURQE Whole Brain Atlas

The native mouse brains are normalized to the DSURQE 70um template which is a whole brain T2 weighted high resolution average image of 40 postmortem c57 mice that are expertly labeled.  The labeling is a modified version of that outlined in the Dorr [1] paper with input from the following papers [2-6] as well.  Hence "D-S-U-R-Q-E"

Custom Atlas

Non-standard atlases can be implemented for your data for the INPC team. These must be pre-existing labelled brain images, any manual labelling must be billed separately. 

Manual Parcellation

Custom manual labelling of anatomical labelling for each session. Automated procedures that can provide partial mappings are first employed if possible, then manually altered or traced by 2 independent raters.

Voxelwise Maps


T2* processing involves estimating values by weighting and combining multiple acquisitions varying in echo time (TE), before coregistering to each participant/session native space and normalizing to template space.

Functional Pipelines

INC Resting State Pipeline

The INC standard functional pipeline includes reorientation, increasing voxel sizes by some scaling factor using fslchpixdim, Rician denoising, N4 bias field correction, rigid, affine, and nonlinear motion correction, brain extraction, registration to standard space, calculation of white matter and csf signals, and nuisance regression of appropriate regressors (e.g., motion, anatomical, etc). Label sets like DSURQE can then be overlaid on the functional data, and the timeseries of each label can be extracted. From this we can create whole brain connectivity matrices.

Diffusion Pipelines

INC Diffusion Pipeline


DSURQE Citations

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