• Establishing and maintaining data organization and data formats in compliance with industry standards (BIDS).
  • Annual validation of the data specification and organization.

  • NDA:¬†Data sharing includes conversion, upload, and validation to NDA for NIH grant requirements.
  • Other locations can be accommodated for additional development/implementation cost (which should be adjusted by the frequency of the data upload requirement, with the general assumption this is done once per year).

  • INC managed storage space on LSS system; all storage is backed-up via snapshots daily.
  • Costs will fluctuate with actual costs from ITS, calculated as 1TB per 100 sessions per year for each project, rounded up in whole TB increments. Rate may be adjusted for larger acquisitions.

  • INC data management and storage beyond the end of the study period, typically 5 years.
  • Cost typically spread evenly across each study year or added to final study period.
  • Data management for at least the final year of the project is required for all new project as well as ongoing for support.
timeseries are numbers

Region of Interest (ROI)

Modeling of 3D or 4D data per ROI
functional slice


Modeling of 3D or 4D datasets
t2w axial mosaic


Modeling of 3D datasets

4D surface data is not explicitly implemented currently, but can be done