Neuroimaging Bootcamp

The 2022 INC Summer Neuroimaging Bootcamp was an intensive introduction to the breadth of neuroimaging for scientific research. The bootcamp was intended for undergraduate and graduate students, research staff, researchers and faculty members who could benefit from an introduction to neuroimaging concepts, theories, methods, and applications. The bootcamp format offers a condensed format to introduce attendees to neuroimaging basics in a short period of time. 

Explore free online access to a five-day series of lectures on neuroimaging for scientific research! Listen and learn from any time, in any place, about the basics of neuroimaging.

1. Develop an understanding of neuroimaging data from a data science perspective 

2. Gain a basic understanding of how MRI signals are generated 

3. Understand how different types of MR images are acquired and what information they provide 

4. Understand the techniques used in cleaning and preparing neuroimages to extract high quality biologically meaningful information from MR images 

5. Gain an appreciation of the complexity and pitfalls of neuroimaging 

6. Introduction to modeling neuroimaging data, including statistical issues that arise and options for efficacious analyses and communication of neuroimaging results 

Day 1 - Neuroimaging as Data Science

0. Introduction and Bootcamp Goals

1. Neuroimaging & Data Science & Numbers in Space

2. Physics, Image Acquisition, Sequences, & Parameters

3. Computing & Data Basics, Data Management and Sharing

Day 2 - Neuroanatomy

4. Human Neuroanatomy

4.5 Primer on Comparative and Rodent Neuroanatomy

5. Anatomical Neuroimaging

6. Coregistration

Day 3 - Brain Function

7. BOLD response and BOLD Imaging 

8. Resting-State Functional Imaging 

9. Task-based Functional Imaging 

Day 4 - Specialty Imaging

10. Diffusion Imaging

11. Other Imaging Contrasts

Day 5 - Neuroimage Analysis

12. Artefacts, Troubleshooting, and Quality Control 

13. Statistical Analysis and Modeling 

14. Visualizations 

15. Wrap-up

Day 1: Neuroimaging as Data Science

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